If you are looking for an Engagement Ring then let us congratulate you on finding the “Right Person” for yourself. It is said that people who buy Princess Cut Rings are extrovert, charming and highly energetic.
Let me tell you that there are a lot of diamond cuts out in the market such as, round, princess, emerald, square, oval, pear, heart Marquise. Though this is true that the traditional Round cut diamonds are the most popular ones but princess cut engagement rings are the hottest selling and second most popular diamond cut in the market so If you are looking to make a statement Princess Cut Engagement Ring is for you.
Princess Cut Engagement Rings
Princess Cut Engagement Rings

Before we give you our verdict about where you should buy your engagement ring from you should know that the price of diamond lies on the following factors also known as 4 C’s:
  1. Cut [Shape of the Diamond]
  2. Clarify [Amount of Inclusions i.e. Flaws the fewer the better]
  3. Color [Most Colorless are better unless you are buying a colored diamond like Blue, Green, Blue etc]
  4. Carat [Diamond Weight]

Now even though diamonds are damn expensive Engagement is a one in a life time occasion therefore it is a onetime investment so when it is about your love life money becomes a second priority and what matters is giving the best present to your spouse-to-be.

The best thing about buying from internet is that not only you don’t get pushed by a sales person but you can also compare a variety of rings, designs and stones from the comfort of your home easily and make the perfect rational choice. The choice really becomes simple as it is just about your love, the occasion, and the future it beholds.
There are a number of online diamond sellers but James Allen is the best place to buy a diamond ring online. Not only have they had a great diamond quality their database is the largest with the option to select carat size, shape, and color as per your liking. They have now integrated 3D slideshows and Videos giving you real time view of how your engagement ring will look like. A Definite place where you get value for your money and the best part is they are never out of stock and deliver the best. Not only this now they are now giving risk free trial that means you get 60 day full money back guarantee, lifetime warranty , free shipping and 24×7 customer support.

When you are buying an engagement ring 90% is actually the sentiments and emotions and only 10% is price so make sure what you are buying a ring for your Fiancée. It is something that bound them officially together and embarks a special feeling for the beginning of their life together. With James Allen however you can get discount diamond rings


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